The Hidden Message Collection is a collection of original, patented and proprietary works by Beth Macri. Beth conceptualizes every idea and sees each piece through the entire design, development and production process. We work with a great team of jewelers who hand make our jewelry in the heart of the New York City jewelry district on 47th Street.

Every Hidden Message Necklace is made by hand in the Beth Macri HQ in downtown NYC. Your necklace is truly one-of-a-kind to you.

You can absolutely purchase an additional pendant, without chain. This is very popular with parents and grandparents who want to add a new pendant with the arrival of each new addition to their family.

Unfortunately at this time there is no easy way to put the pendant on the chain without jewelers tools. The necklace can either be sent back to us or brought to a local jeweler to add the additional pendants. If the necklace is sent back to us we can complete the addition of the pendants and send back to you within 3-5 business days.

If you have not ordered a Beth Macri Hidden Message Necklace in the past, we unfortunately cannot sell you the pendants alone. The chain and pendants are a package deal as the chain is part of the original design of the Hidden Message Necklace.

100% Made in the USA.
All of our jewelry is designed, developed, and produced in New York City. Our gold plated sterling silver items take a quick journey up to Rhode Island to our plater before returning to our downtown New York City studio.
The price to manufacture in the United States, let alone New York City, is much more expensive than manufacturing overseas in Asia. Beth Macri takes pride in the fact that our New York City and Rhode Island based jewelers are treated fairly everyday in the workplace and that they are compensated sufficiently for their lifeswork. We do not take the ‘low road’ to cheaper manufacturing alternatives overseas, as we do not condone the harsh working conditions and commercialized nature of items made in large factories across the globe.
The jewelry industry in the United States has suffered dramatically over the years due to the massive movement to manufacturer overseas for less money. Jewelry is cheaper in price but also cheaper in quality. We want to do our part bring this industry back to its high standards.

We don't mark up prices on our jewelry with an intention to put it on "sale".

All of our items are handmade with precious metals in New York City, with every piece of jewelry made-to-order by our small team. Because of that, we make sure to keep a fair and even mark up on all jewelry, every day of the year. 

That said - we do issue special offers to our newsletter readers (our VIPs!) occasionally throughout the year so make sure to subscribe!

Due to the popular demand of the Hidden Message Necklace charms, Beth Macri keeps inventory of every letter, number, and symbol in our studio, ready to be put together and made into something special for you.

The Beth Macri 14k gold and sterling silver bracelet, earrings, and rings are made-to-order from scratch starting the day you place your order with us. All of the Beth Macri collections are handmade in New York City where the production process requires 4-6 weeks for delivery.

All of our jewelry is shipped in Beth Macri branded gift boxes.

We do not have wrapping paper, gift bags, or ribbon available and do not offer gift wrap services like these at this time.

Most companies that offer free shipping are actually adding those charges onto the price of the goods they are selling, so the customer is actually paying for the hidden shipping fees. We like to be transparent with our customers on the value of the items they are purchasing & try to keep our prices as competitive and fair as possible. Because of that we keep the shipping price separate.

Please email us directly at to learn more about our custom jewelry options.

We have collaborated with companies in the past to make their logo into a unique Hidden Message Charm. Beth Macri would love to learn more about your ideas. Please email us directly at to tell us more about your project and to find out further information.