Does your Beth Macri jewelry need a little extra love? Let us help you bring your necklace or ring back to perfection!

Initiating a Repair

To service your inquiry quickly and efficiently please email with : 
  • Original order number and/or place of purchase 
  • A description of what is needed (did your chain break? Did a stone fall out of your ring?) 
  • A picture or two so that we can review it with our jewelers 
Some inquiries may require a Return Authorization (RA) number and instructions regarding how to ship your item(s) to our studio. Please do not mail your item to us without receiving an RA#; all packages sent to our studio without an RA# will be returned to sender. 


We have a 1 year warranty the covers manufacturer defects, as well as assistance with repairs and refurbishments. Warranties may be void by regular wear-and-tear or work conducted by a jeweler not authorized by Beth Macri. If you have any questions or concerns please contact and we will do everything that we can to assist you.