Hidden Message® dollar sign NECKLACE

Dolla dolla bill 'yall! Show them who's boss with the Single Pendant Hidden Message $ Necklace. Fun fact about this currency symbol: Bureau of Engraving and Printing, goes back to the Spanish peso, which was accepted as the basic unit of value in colonial America during the late 1700s. Handwritten manuscripts dating to that time show that the peso, abbreviated PS. It’s believed that as time went on, the abbreviation was often written so that the S was on top of the P, producing an approximation of the $ symbol.

Pendants are matte finished sterling silver. Standard chain length 16''-18''. Handmade in NYC.

Shown in sterling silver and 14k yellow gold plate. Want more options? Make it your own with our custom necklace builder.

Upon first glance, the pendants appear as structural and abstract elements until the wearer flips them up, revealing their true form: a letter, number, or symbol. Influenced by a career in architecture, Beth Macri’s designs were inspired by the I-beam, where the shape of each character follows the form along the entire length of the charm. 

We try our best to keep ample stock of all charms. When your custom combination is in stock, it will ship within 3-5 business days - this does not include shipping time.  For full details please see our order policies page. 

The Hidden Message Necklace is original work by Beth Macri and has been patented.  For full details on our patents, trademarks and copyrights, please see our Intellectual Property page.

Matte Silver
Matte 14k Yellow Plated