Our Perspective: Why Subtlety is Key

Over-the-top has its time and place, but in today’s society it’s easy to overdose on excess. It’s no wonder simpler practices seem to be growing in popularity, from meditation to minimalism. In a world full of bold statements, we believe subtlety is of the utmost value.

a girl wears a custom necklace

Subtlety is Highly Covetable

In our oversaturated, social-media-focused culture, subtlety is both refreshing and elegant. It requires us to look more closely and pay attention to details, creating a deeper and more fulfilling experience—whether it’s tuning into your breath during a meditative moment, putting on the same beautiful pendant necklace every day, or cultivating a minimalist design style in your home.


Subtlety is a part of our DNA; our founder, Beth Macri, has a background in structural engineering. Her skills and understanding of design and architecture are woven through all of our mathematically designed jewelry, from Hidden Message Necklaces to Birthstone  Necklaces.

Subtlety is important to me not only as a designer, but as somebody living in this world of oversharing,” Beth says. “Simplicity and subtlety are two very nice things to covet in your life.”

a man wears a necklace inspired by an i-beam

Subtle Inspiration is Everywhere

When you’re bombarded with so many messages and images every day, it can be hard to focus on what truly inspires you. Taking a step back and checking in with nature, appreciating a piece of art, or creating something meaningful for a loved one are all great ways to recapture the simple joys of life—and to appreciate the people and things around you.


One of the big inspirations behind our designs is an essential element of most building structures: the I-beam. Beth spent years designing them for high-end architecture in London and NYC. Our I-BEAM pendant is a gender-neutral style representing strength and longevity. The elegant design can be worn alone or incorporated with other pendants, and it comes in four different metals and a short or long length.


“Much like there is more than meets the eye with engineered buildings,” Beth says, “we strive to create beautiful yet simple objects with their own hidden intricacies, details, and meanings.”

a girl wears a mix of stacking rings

Subtlety Makes a Quiet Statement

When it comes to personal style, subtlety slowly makes its presence known. In time you can discern someone’s love for details and nuances—whether they’ve created their own unique style uniform, or have a knack for stacking a few rings together to elevate a simple night-out look.


“Subtlety usually isn’t going to get you noticed, but that’s the point,” Beth says.


Beth Macri's designs are meant to be subtle enough for everyday wear, yet they contain powerful personal meanings. What may seem like a simple bar pendant necklace has a much deeper significance to the wearer. That’s the power of our designs.


You can create your very own Hidden Message Necklace for yourself or a loved one with our Custom Necklace Builder.

For more subtle Beth Macri designs, try the PEACE Symbol Short Pendant Necklace, XO Necklace,  or a Stacking Band.

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