Our jewelry is created by a structural engineer and designed to be personal, versatile and timeless. 

Made with Morals

We use skilled artisans to make our jewelery and pay them accordingly.  If you want it cheaper I'm sure there is a business willing to cut corners and not think about the worker's well-being. It's fast fashion, it is a necessity sometime. No shade. But if you think we are too expensive then you are not in the right place. We believe in quality and do our part to support local businesses and respect the craftsmanship required to make a quality product. 


Metals & Finishes

Our plain sterling silver and 14k gold pendants are matte finished, while all pendants that contain stones are high-polished. All rings, both with and without stones, are high-polished.  


Start With One, Then Add On

Our necklace and ring collections are designed to allow nearly endless customization. Start with a single stacking ring or a one pendant necklace, then add on more rings and pendant charms as the milestones add up. Shop our additional pendants via this link. If you bought the necklace aftr 2017, your necklace chain is specially designed to fit through the chain hole on our pendants; you can thread your pendants on or off of your chain with ease, without a jeweler or jewelers tools. Neat. right.


Patented Design

The Hidden Message pendants are original, patented, and proprietary works by Beth Macri. Please email legal@bethmacri.com to report instances of patent infringement. We will definitely give you a friend's and family discount because that is a pretty friendly thing to do!

But let's be honest. If someone is willing to blatantly copy a registered and patented design, they are probably not going to make the jewelry with the same level of care and ethics. It's gross and upsetting, yet inevitable. I try not to worry about it and leave it to the lawyers.