The Blueprint

Nearly six years ago I started my business from a single idea. I would apply a form of communication from the buildings industry to create minimal jewelry with a personal connection.

Architects, engineers and other building professionals use two-dimensional plans (blueprints) to communicate three-dimensional forms. Growing up, my father owned a general contracting company (still does), so my summers were spent learning the intricate language of the blueprint. Those summers were my first introduction into this form of communication. In the office, I read architectural plans with details, sections, call-outs and specifications. Then, on the field, I experienced the physical form these plans depicted coming to life as the building was being constructed.

This early immersion into the field of construction lead to my career aspirations of becoming a structural engineer. After graduating with a diploma in Civil and Environmental Engineering (with a concentration in Bridge Design) I moved to London and worked with prominent bridge engineers, designing new structures and inspecting old bridges. My projects ranged from a famous eye-catching long-span suspension bridge to unnoticeable cast iron bridges hidden under the streets of London.

In 2005 I moved to NYC to work on the High Line and was thrilled to help turn an unused overgrown eyesore into a beautiful park regenerating the neighborhoods around it. My work in NYC ranged from the 9/11 Memorial Museum to the facade of the Barclays Arena. Each larger than life project informing something so delicate and personal. The Hidden Message Necklace.

So how do we go from cast iron bridge rehabilitation and designing facade connections to jewelry? It's quite a simple idea after years of communicating via blueprints. Think of a steel I-beam: On the floor plan, I-beams are depicted as simple straight lines crossing a span, creating the floor. Yet if you look at the cross-sectional view, the shape reveals itself. From the top, just lines, from the side, a perfectly proportioned steel I-beam.


There is an intricacy that can be seen by just changing your perspective. Just like the pendants in my necklace.

The Hidden Message Necklace collection comprises of 63 unique character pendants in two lengths and 4 metals choices. Endless combinations of pendants can be strung on our signature stringer chain, each combination creating a personal story.

When worn down, the necklace looks like a minimal piece of jewelry. Yet when the perspective in changed, the true form is shown, a letter, number or symbol. 

What are the intricacies that are personal to you?  What will you create?


hi i wanted to this made in silver or gold ..can it worn while having a shower

shivani February 08, 2019

Your creativity is amazing. I am so impressed by your journey from traditional structural engineering to your new Blueprint -Mathematics jewelry business. Best of luck!

Keith Lashway December 04, 2018

A beautiful concept turned into reality! The growth of your jewelry concepts and execution is a credit to your creativity, patience, and dedication to perfection.

Drina October 15, 2018

Wow I love it from concept to executed design…blown away!

JULIE FRANCIS October 01, 2018

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