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Beth Macri | New York City
From an unconventional background comes unconventional jewelry.  Beth Macri worked eight years as a structural engineer for bridges and high-end architecture in both London and New York City.  Inferring dimensionally complex designs from 2D drawings was a necessary skill.  From this perspective, her first jewelry collection, The Hidden Message, was born.  Instead of using I-beams to hold gravitational forces, Beth uses letters and symbols to hold meaning to the wearer.  Using her unique training in advanced architectural technologies, paired with NYC’s finest jewelry craftsman, Beth Macri creates architecturally derived forms with an heirloom quality.

Beth lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Jason, their son Harvey and a Boston Terrier named Boz.

The Hidden Message
Beth Macri is known for the quality and originality of our jewelry.  The Hidden Message Necklace by Beth Macri is an innovative take on personalized jewelry. Upon first glance, the pendants appear as structural and abstract elements until the wearer flips them up, revealing their true form - a letter, number, or symbol.  Influenced by a career in architecture, Beth Macri’s designs were inspired by the I-beam, where the shape of each character follows the form along the entire length of the charm.  The charms allow a true, meaningful message to be worn close to your heart - a story to be told to the world at your command.
The Hidden Message Collection is a collection of original, patented and proprietary works by Beth Macri.  All rights are reserved internationally by Beth Macri Designs, LLC.  US D 719.051