patented design

After years of designing I-beams for high-end architecture in London and NYC, the idea of an extruded shape is second nature for any architect or structural engineer like Beth. Now let's take that concept, change the cross-section and scale it down. Something so different it deserved a Design Patent.
We think that's pretty cool.

Custom jewelry like you’ve never seen before;
designed by you and crafted with the finest materials in New York City

Designer, Creative Director & Founder Beth Macri utilizes her background as a Structural Engineer to create mathematically derived jewelry that is not only beautiful, but also pretty clever.


After years of development we’re working with the best jewelers and craftspeople in the United States to re-engineer the idea of what personalized jewelry should be.

Only a few expert hands are involved in the creation of our fine jewelry and we like to keep it that way.


You shouldn't have to settle for what has been done over and over again. This is custom jewelry, constructed with letters, numbers and symbols in a combination that is personal to you, made by us, following a new formula. Customize our patented jewelry seamlessly on the only digital custom necklace builder of its kind. Design something meaningful and let us do the building for you. After all, we are led by an engineer.

Create a necklace with ease on our revolutionary custom necklace builder.
Our jewelers will take care of the rest.


A Mathematics Icon. The patented Hidden Message collection: luxuriously industrial with an heirloom quality, suited for everyday wear for years to come.



This signature collection represents, in more ways than one, the inherent strength and longevity of the steel I-beam, this collection was designed for the modern man and woman. Available in four precious metals, two lengths and select symbols are available with gemstones and diamonds. 

Customize our patented jewelry seamlessly on the only digital custom necklace builder of its kind. Make a simple letter necklace or get more creative by mixing metals and color stones. Once you finish your design we will build it just for you. After all, we are led by an engineer. 


From a specially formulated sterling silver that slows tarnishing to reclaimed metal, we strive to offer the best quality materials across our entire collection.


Every item is measured down to the decimal. We work with strict tolerances so that all of our pendants have a consistent look and feel guaranteeing an cohesive look. 


We ship worldwide and offer free shipping within the US.

ethically made

fine jewelry