The Hidden Message Pendants were first designed in 2012. These pendants are the brainchild of Beth Macri, a Structural Engineer.

Just like an I-beam used in architecture, the form follows the function.

A few pendants were created and the concept was an instant hit to friends and family. So we did a little digging, not only was it a fun concept (hidden custom jewelry), it was unusual. Unusual enough to get a design patent! We knew we had something worth sharing.

The pendants have been through a few design iterations as we perfect the concept. Our most recent update is for all those adding memories to their lives or additions to their familys. The pendants can now be easily added (and removed) from the "stringer" chain. We are so excited to see what you create over time!

  • Mix and match styles. Nearly endless combinations.
  • Letters | Numbers | Symbols | Zodiac
  • Sterling Silver |  14k Yellow | 14k Rose | 14k White
  • Gemstones | Birthstones | Diamonds
  • Long size | Short size

the stringer chain

Our most innovative chain design! Add pendants with ease. With our clever stringer and toggle design you can create the perfect necklace over time.

  • available in the following styles
  • 18'' | 24'' | 36''
  • Thick | Thin

PLAIN SILVER pendants and chain
(& popular stocked gold and stone items)*
3-5 business days

Necklaces with GOLD & STONE
2-4 Weeks