How We Support Breast Cancer Awareness—And How You Can, Too

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Beth Macri is proud to do all it can to spread awareness of this disease. During October, we’re partnering with The Breast Treatment Task Force (BTTF), a grassroots organization that facilitates free breast screenings and education, for New York City patients without health insurance. We’ll be donating 10 percent of the proceeds from  some of our most iconic and best-loved accessories to BTTF. Inspired to get involved yourself? Learn more about how your jewelry purchase can help women in need, and other ways you can get involved in this important issue.

Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Necklace

Shop the Cause

Beth Macri jewelry is designed to let you wear your passions and purpose close to your heart, every day. So it only makes sense that when you purchase a pendant necklace or stacking ring that shows your unwavering support, we’ll donate 10 percent of the proceeds to BTTF. The RIBBON,  HOPE, LOVE U, and MY HEART pendants are mindfully unique accessories that are available in many different custom metals and finishes, and can be tailored to fit your style. And the Heart Slice Ring and Eternal Ring Stack are other inspired choices that serve as a hopeful reminder that eradicating this disease could be close at hand.

Volunteer Your Time

If you can find the time, consider volunteering your time for breast cancer awareness. Nonprofits are always looking for volunteers to help with events, screenings, and activities. Our partner, The Breast Treatment Task Force, volunteers to assist with patient mammogram and sonogram appointments. Volunteers help patients fill out paperwork and make them feel at ease. Getting started is simple: Just reach out to the organization of your choice, ask what help they need, and whether there is an expected time commitment. If you’re local to NYC, check out our charity partner: Visit the BTTF volunteer page for details on how you can get involved.

HOPE Necklace for Breast Cancer Awareness Month on girl

Practice Self-Care

Breast cancer awareness starts with you. Catching the disease in the early stages is key, and to date, screenings are the most effective way to find cancer before a person has any symptoms. The American Cancer Society recommends women age 45 to 54  get a mammogram every year and that younger women (and men) perform breast self-exams to check for unusual lumps and changes. Do your part by scheduling some much needed me-time to relax, unwind, and complete your self-exam—and encourage a friend to do the same. Sometimes showing support is simply taking care of yourself and leading by example.

Train for a 5k

Gather your friends and co-workers together to train for a 5k with a cause. Add an element of friendly competition by breaking off into teams and challenging your squad of givers to raise as much money as possible for your breast cancer charity. Wager something worthwhile—like a commemorative Diamond Pendant—and watch people really pick up the pace. Keep it fun and focused on giving—and get satisfaction from knowing that in the end, you’re all champions for the same meaningful cause.  

 Heart Ring being held up

Spread the Word

Help educate those around you by sharing preventative methods, support group information, and treatment organizations. Mention breast cancer awareness in conversation with friends and family. Ask women you’re close with if they’ve recently had a mammogram or completed a breast self-exam. Stop by your local breast cancer nonprofit to pick up info on where community members can receive resources and support. It’s important that both men and women know about breast cancer exams, risks, symptoms, and solutions, and it’s up to every one of us to help get the word out.


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