Beth Macri's Two Book Patent for the Hidden Message Pendant

The Hidden Message® Collection is original work by Beth Macri and has been patent protected. Beth Macri’s patent has been effective since March 15, 2013.

Hidden Message® is a registered trademark of Beth Macri Designs.

Ms. Macri is well-established in the industry and is known for the quality and originality of her products. Her designs contain and display design elements that are protected as original works under the copyright and patent laws in the United States.

The jewelry designs are protected internationally by the Berne Convention, and in the United States by patent (patent number US D719,051).

It is the responsibility of owners of intellectual property to protect and control the use of their IP. If you have seen knock-off and counterfeit Beth Macri products, please let us know!  email  We are forever grateful to those who help and support small business and respect innovation!