Don't Fear the Big One: Celebrating Milestone Birthdays

Age may be just a number, but starting a new decade (or hitting a quarter-, half-, or three-quarter century mark) can stir up a whirlwind of excitement. Whether you’re the one celebrating a milestone birthday or you’re honoring a loved one who is, here are three ways to mark the occasion with meaning and emotion.

A stack of rings on a hand featuring shapes like skull and diamond

The Treat-Yourself Gift: A Wear-Forever Ring

Birthdays are an ideal time to treat yourself—a milestone birthday even more so! Make this year extra special by celebrating the unique person you are and taking pride in how far you’ve come with a signature item you’ll wear long into the future. For a unique, luxe gift that says “this is me,” try the edgy 14k gold SKULL Slice Ring with pavé black diamonds or the minimalist sterling silver HEART Slice Ring. Start with one, then add more over time  for a cool ring stack. If your vibe is more timeless with a hint of glamour, go for the sleek sterling silver Stacking Band with pavé white sapphire or the glam Diamond Slice Ring in 14k gold with pavé white diamonds; both stand out solo or stacked.

Sterling silver necklace that says 'DEFY'

The Empowering Gift: Hidden Message Necklaces

Through the highs and lows of life, a little encouragement can mean the world—especially when it’s encouragement that you can wear every day. Remind yourself (or someone you love) of the inner strength and resilience that we all have inside. Try a confidence-boosting custom pendant necklace that spells DEFY in 14K gold, sterling silver, 14K white gold, or 14K rose gold. Another option: The gender-neutral I-beam pendant necklace is a simple and solid display of strength, inspired by a steel I-beam and the architectural background of our founder, Beth Macri.

A Heart pendant necklace set with pink tourmaline stones

The Sentimental Gift: Birthstone Pendant Necklaces

In our ever-changing world, memories are almost all digital, saved to your phone’s camera roll or posted as a quick snapshot on your social media feeds. Physical reminders of important moments in our lives are increasingly rare—and that makes them more precious. Think of our personalized designs as tangible reminders of your most special memories, kept close to the heart each and every day. Remembering a special date—the birth of a child, the day you met your partner, a graduation or a big move—is easy and beautiful with our Birthstone Pendant Necklaces. This collection combines gemstones and diamonds with the HEART Pendant Charm to symbolize different months.

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