Jewelry Styling Rules That Are Meant to be Broken

Your sense of style is uniquely your own. You know exactly what makes you feel fantastic, and what you simply don’t like at all. So when it comes to expressing yourself, the last thing you need are a bunch of outdated parameters holding you back. Break free of these familiar but dated jewelry styling rules below to nail your own personal look.

Woman wearing a multicolored pendant necklace

Rule to Break: No Mixing Metals

We’re not sure who decided that elegantly polished metals in a variety of colors and finishes couldn’t be worn together. At Beth Macri, we encourage you to mix it up and make a statement. Layer multiple silver, rose gold, and yellow gold pendants of different lengths and designs on the same chain for an eye-catching look that speaks to your current mood and individual sense of style.

Wearing fine jewelry with a t-shirt, featuring a rainbow heart pendant

Rule to Break: Statement Jewelry Should Be Bold

Big and flashy isn’t always the statement you want to make. Beth Macri lets you express your personality using the art of simplicity. Our Custom Necklace Builder offers multiple choices of well-crafted and hand-polished metal to help you create your own statement-worthy design. Never underestimate the subtle impact of a Single Pendant Necklace.

Wearing a sterling silver necklace with denim

Rule to Break: Save Fine Jewelry for Special Occasions

When jewelry is this special, why save it? Wear it! Fine gold and silver necklaces, diamond stud earrings or stackable gold and diamond rings look equally as good with work ensembles or evening wear as they do with your favorite white tee and ripped denim look. Combining high and low style elements lets you wear the accessories you love most while also broadcasting your own personal style. It’s the best of both worlds.

A woman wearing ring stacks on both hands

Rule to Break: Never Wear Rings on Both Hands

Fact: There is no such thing as too many rings. Up the impact by stacking rings of different sizes with varying design elements—choose a sleek, modern mix of solid metal and pave stones, and add a Slice Ring that features a taste of one of our signature Hidden Message pendants, such as the iconic Heart Slice Ring or the edgy Skull Slice Ring.

A woman wearing ring stacks and a Hidden Message Necklace

Rule to Break: Less Is Always More

There’s always room to feature more than a few favorite accessories. Layer a choker with multiple chains and pendants. Incorporate stackable bangles, larger cuffs, or mix-and-match jewelry to amp up a look. Stack gem-studded rings with plain sterling silver or 14k gold Stacking Bands. As long as it reflects your individual style, we say pile it on.

A woman wears an Emerald Heart Birthstone pendant

Rule to Break: Diamonds Trump Everything

Don't limit yourself to just white diamonds when there are dozens of gorgeous stones out there. At Mathematics you can design a custom Hidden Message Necklace with your own birthstone or the birthstone of a loved one, and pick a Slice Ring or Stacking Band featuring white sapphires and black spinels. Can’t resist that diamond sparkle? Check out our polished 14k yellow, rose, or, white gold Stacking Bands with black diamond pavé.    

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