Our Perspective: Why Keeping It Local Is So Important to Us

At Beth Macri, creating ethical jewelry is one of our highest priorities. It’s not enough that it looks beautiful and is crafted from quality materials. We strive for more. All of our products are 100 percent made in the USA. Our chains are made by hand in Massachusetts, and a team of jewelers craft the pendants and rings in Rhode Island and our hometown of New York City. After our jewelers finish the chains and pendants, our small team of three assembles our custom necklaces right here in our studio. We respect the local artisans we work with, and value their contributions. For us, hiring locally and paying fair wages is in our company’s DNA.

Along the way, we’ve noticed our commitment  to crafting ethical jewelry has come with several additional benefits. These are the results we’re most proud of.

A casting tree full of sterling silver Hidden Message pendants

Higher Quality Goods

By working with local artisans we trust, we can be sure that the product we’re selling is something we’re honored to put our name on. After all, if we want to stop by and see how things are going with our latest designs, we just have to hop on the subway! We like getting to know our manufacturing partners and learning more about their creative processes. Everyone works harder when they know they are an integral part of the team.

Various white diamond melee in display boxes for pavé setting

Lower Carbon Footprint

By keeping our supply chain local, we leave less of an impact on the Earth. Since our items are made in the USA and we aren’t transporting or shipping lots of items back and forth all over the globe, it reduces our energy usage and our emissions, creating less pollution in the long run. Every little bit helps, and we’re happy to do our part to help the planet.

A jeweler polishes a pendant on a polishing wheel

Better Treatment for Employees

We’ve all seen the headlines: In many other countries, some manufacturers engage in unethical  practices. By employing only local workshops, we’re ensuring that everyone who works to produce our products is paid a fair wage and given safe working conditions. Ultimately, that decision benefits everyone, from workers to our customers.

A girl wears a Hidden Message Necklace in front of the Manhattan skyline

A Boost to the Economy

When you order a Hidden Message necklace from our online Custom Necklace Builder, you’re investing in American workers. The money you spend gets passed on to our employees and vendors, who are then more likely to invest in other businesses in their own communities. In addition, a successful local company is able to hire more staff and potentially contribute to worthy causes in the area. We like knowing that our profits are helping to continue a healthy, thriving economic cycle that’s reinvigorating our neighborhoods.

Ready to make a difference? Support local vendors by creating a custom necklace.

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