New Beginnings: 5 Ways to Customize Your 2019

The new year always inspires fresh ideas. We all get that “new year, new me” vibe as December winds down and January kicks off, presenting an exciting opportunity to chart new territory. Take advantage of that vibrant energy and plan for a promising and positive 2019, with these five tips for crafting and customizing a fabulous new year–made to fit the bold new you.  

Embrace Change

The new calendar year symbolizes the beginning of a new journey in our lives. It’s time to set goals, and to think about how we want to grow and evolve in the months ahead. Take inventory of the previous year, and use a quiet moment to reflect: What do you want to change, improve, or shed? Think in terms of specific, achievable goals, and write them down in a place that you can return to often for inspiration (a bedside journal or your phone). Are you dreaming about a new work-related adventure? Do you want to change certain aspects of your lifestyle, from the way you dress to what you eat? Do you have the urge to expand your wine palate, or explore a part of the world you’ve never visited? Think about the bite-size steps you’ll need to take to make those changes happen.


Align Your Energy

Harness positive vibes as you enter into the new year. Surround yourself with daily reminders of self-love, gratitude, and abundance. Choose a meaningful symbol that helps you to set the tone for the next 12 months. Our custom jewelry pieces, like the Hidden Message Pendants, are perfect for carrying positive energy with you wherever you may go. The symbols of mindfulness in the HEART, OM, and ANCHOR pendants are ideal for keeping your vibrations high throughout the new year.

Make Room for Me Time

When planning out your year, make sure to include self-care, time alone, and room to replenish on your calendar right from the beginning. Plan an unforgettable solo getaway for mid-year to realign and regain clarity. If you’re generally a creature of habit, this is your moment to shake things up! Plan a unique vacay to an unfamiliar place with beautiful terrain, delicious food, fantastic wine, and breathtaking views. Do yourself a favor and bring home a bottle or two of the wine you loved most from a local winery visit—the perfect souvenir to commemorate your latest adventure.

Define Your Style

Have you always wanted to take your personal style up a notch? The new year is the perfect time to take a hard look at your wardrobe, and to ask yourself if your clothes, shoes, and accessories are tailored to fit your personality. If not, it’s time for a revamp. Keep the pieces you love and donate the items that looked better on the old you. Define your unique style with personalized design pieces like our stackable Slice Rings, which add character and emphasis to your new look.  

Jean jacket and stacking rings. Stacked up rings in mixed metals and stones, layered perfectly. Casual chic

Pace Yourself

Remember, change doesn't happen overnight. When planning your new and improved journey for the year, set realistic expectations. Give yourself some grace and leave room for your life to progress gradually, building up step by step to an unforgettable year. Once a month, refer back to the goals you wrote down to ensure you’re still on track for success, but don’t allow them to overwhelm you. Welcome 2019 with a joyous heart and a peaceful mind, and you're guaranteed to manifest your best year ever.

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