Jewelry Lover’s Horoscope: Capricorn

Cheers to you, Capricorn. If your birthday lands between December 22 and January 19, you’re lucky—this festive time of year is your time to shine. Your friends know (and love) you for your hard-working, ambitious, and determined attitude. (Did we mention you’re patient and organized, too?) You’ve never met a project you didn’t want to tackle—you dive right in with your abundant energy. Ready for an inspired season ahead? We looked to the stars to find the ultimate wellness, charitable, and style ideas to guide you all month long.

Try: Meditating

Yes, you’re an eyes-on-the-prize kind of person, but that kind of focus requires a clear headspace, which in today’s screen-obsessed world can be tough to achieve. To hone your clarity and shake off distractions, try carving out as little as 10 minutes each morning for a simple intention-setting meditation ritual. Apps like Calm or Inscape offer guided sessions with a time limit so you can easily disconnect and get on with your day without missing a beat. This quiet time will make a difference: Even a five-minute breathing exercise can help you feel more present and purposeful as you build toward your goals. A birthday win!

Woman meditating

Wear: Capricorn Zodiac Pendant Necklace or a Garnet Birthstone Necklace

You work hard pretty much all the time (#goals), so you’ve earned a chance to treat yourself—especially during your birthday month. A zodiac pendant necklace makes a strong and subtle gender-neutral pick, or choose the garnet birthstone necklace—a stylish choices with personal significance. The Capricorn star sign is elegant and sleek, and a timeless reminder of all that you’re trying to achieve. Create your own necklace by adding the Capricorn symbol to a Hidden Message Necklace on either our original and shorty chain lengths. Or bring some color to your everyday by wearing your birthstone close to your heart. Garnet is a beautiful, wine-colored hue that’s not just relevant to your birth date, it’s also the color of the moment. Traditionally, garnets are thought to keep the wearer safe during travel—something that could be helpful as your ambitious nature takes you to new far-flung locations.

Give Back: RED January

This season, get active and support mental health awareness by joining the RED January initiative. There’s no better way to energize yourself for a new year than by doing something active every single day. Especially since all activity counts—even something as simple as going for a walk every morning before work or doing 25 jumping jacks midday. The goal is to do something—and to get your friends to support your efforts for a good cause. (It’s as simple as setting up a Just Giving page.)

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