Holiday Gift Guide: Meaningful Stocking Stuffers for Everyone on Your List

There’s nothing quite like waking up on Christmas morning and seeing a row of stockings delightfully stuffed with little gifts. For many people, opening the presents tucked inside is a festive ritual to kick off a busy day. There’s just one problem: For as much fun as the process of opening stocking stuffers is, the actual gifts are often far less merry. Consider a classic like lip balm: Practical, yes; meaningful, no.

Shake things up this year, and delight everyone with small packages bursting with meaning. With a bit of planning, you can make stocking stuffers some of the most thoughtful gifts your family members receive this season.


For Your Statement-Making Brother

Mathematics designs jewelry that is both guy-friendly and meaningful, like our customizable Hidden Message Necklaces. Give your brother the chance to show off his tough-guy side with a SKULL Pendant, or amplify his commitment to important issues with the AWARENESS Hidden Message Necklace.

The shorty 14k yellow gold awareness ribbon. Pendant on a thick rolo 14k yellow gold chain.

For Your Ahead-of-the-Trends Sister

She’s not just your best friend, she’s a pro at mixing and matching jewelry in the most eye-catching way—so give her something extra special that she can proudly show off on Instagram. A Slice Ring will add just the right texture and personality to her ring stack. Not sure which of the many symbols to get her? Go with a classic, like the AMPERSAND, the INFINITY, or the HEART, to show your sisterly love.


For Your Sentimental Mom

Two of our favorite universal truths about moms: They love to know they’re appreciated, and they love to brag about their kids. Hit both notes with a sentimental gift like a necklace made up of Birthstone Pendants representing you and your siblings, an ANCHOR Slice Ring to remind Mom she’s the anchor of the family, or the classic MAMA Hidden Message Necklace.

MAMA hidden message necklace in silver. Shown on model lifting up the pendants to reveal the word.


For Your Go-Getter Dad

He’s spent years working hard and setting a strong example for you and the rest of the family: Honor Dad’s long-standing history of high-level achievement with the MATH SYMBOL Necklace.

Math Symbol Necklace. Three pendants, silver, yellow gold, silver. Pendant charms are plus sign, multiply sign and equal sign.

For Your Sweet Grandma

Let’s be honest: Lots of grandmothers are happy with any gift, since after all “it’s the thought that counts”—but wouldn’t it be nice to give her something that blows her away? Our sweet and simple GMA Hidden Message Necklace will do just that, and give her the chance to show her pride for her grandchildren daily.



For Your Forever-Young Grandpa

Age is but a number, right? Your grandpa is just as capable of rocking a cool pendant necklace as anyone else. Gift him a number pendant that represents the number of grandchildren he has, or spell out his initials (or perhaps your shared surname initial) with the always classic Letter Pendants.

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