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The sleek, customizable details of Beth Macri jewelry are a large part of what makes each piece a sentimental, style statement. Each unique item is crafted with luxury in mind, but there’s much more to know about how Beth Macri's jewelry gets made.

We use recycled, and reclaimed materials when crafting our custom products. For us, it’s paramount to source materials from and work with artisans from various businesses across the USA. We partner with a great team of jewelers who produce all of our pendants and rings between Rhode Island and the heart of the Big Apple’s Diamond District. Every necklace is assembled by hand, with care and following the customer’s own blueprints. Here’s how you can personalize your very own necklace—then leave the creating to us!

At the workshop - pulling wax from the molds

Hidden Messaging

Long gone are the days of generic name plates. Our patented Hidden Message design allows you to create meaningful, yet discreet pendant charm combinations that are personal to you. Choose from a variety of letters, numbers, and symbols to craft the perfect one-of-a-kind necklace that keeps what you treasure close to your heart. Use our Custom Necklace Builder to construct, personalize, and render a digital version of your unique necklace before you order. You can even share your digital creation with that special someone who owes you a gift! Don’t have a particular design in mind? Shop our favorite necklace ideas for inspiration.

At the workshop - putting together a custom necklace.

Mixed Metals

Forget everything you were ever told about not mixing metals. Our high-quality pendants are available in sterling silver as well as 14 karat white, yellow, and rose gold—all of which pair beautifully together. You can also choose from three chain lengths, and long or short pendants to create a statement piece that feels luxurious and unique to you. Complement your personalized mixed-metal necklace with a few of our stackable slice rings in similar or contrasting metals to make the ultimate style combination.

A selection of pendant components: Long and short, 14k yellow, rose and white, sterling silver and gemstones.

Precious and Semi-Precious Stones

Along with white and black diamonds, we have a birthstone that correlates to every month of the year. Gemstones in our custom pendants are carefully faceted, pavé set, and highly polished for that extra sparkle and shine.

Create color and texture with our birthstone heart pendants. Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphire. Wear the birthstones of the ones you cherish.

Effortless Luxury

Luxury isn’t just about how you look, it’s also about how you feel. At Beth Macri, we believe high-quality fine jewelry should not only look stunning, but feel accessible and effortless. Working directly with local jewelers allows us to maintain the highest standards in quality for our jewelry. We believe in simple, sophisticated style, and go above and beyond to make the customization process easy and fun. From render to reality, we keep your personal preferences in mind, creating a geometric sketch that is meaningful, mindful, and unique.


Embedded Symbols

Beth Macri doesn’t limit your charm selection to just stand-alone initials. We encourage you to create your own style with meaningful letters, numbers, and symbols that speak to  your personal journey. Partner your initials with your zodiac sign (or those of a loved one) in your custom necklace. Infuse additional layers of meaning by including timeless symbols like the ANCHOR, or a diamond symbolizing stability and strength, or tender symbols like a folded  RIBBON and hand-crafted HEART to signify love and remembrance. The options are endless: It’s our goal to help you curate an accessory that speaks to you and for you, without you having to say a word.

Tell your story  - this is Adam Loves Julie - A, heart, J - 14k rose, sterling, 14k yellow pendants on a silver chain


Head over to our Custom Necklace Builder to customize your very own individualized piece.

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