5 Tips for Mixing-and-Matching Jewelry Like a Pro

Jewelry can make or break your look. Put a piece on and it instantly transforms your entire outfit—which means choosing what pieces to wear isn’t as easy as grabbing your favorites and heading out the door. Take care to pair certain necklaces, rings, and more with different clothes in your wardrobe to create a look that conveys your personal style. Use these five tips as a helpful jumping-off point for your own unique look.

1. Don’t Make Your Jewelry Compete

When you have so many beautiful items in your jewelry box, it’s tempting to show them all off at once. But if you do that, no one piece can really shine. That doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to just one or two accessories. Rather, consider how proximity plays into your selections, so that one statement doesn’t distract from another that sits nearby. For example, if you want to go all out with stackable ring sets, opt for a super simple bracelet (or none at all). And if you’re layering multiple necklaces or showing off a Hidden Message necklace with several pendants, stick with stud earrings to balance things out.

Beauty in simplicity. a rose gold stacker set - diamond eternity band and heart slice ring.

2. Let Busy Patterns Lie

Think of your clothes and your jewelry as partners in a dance: You want them to work together, balance each other out, and never step on each other’s toes. The busier your clothes, the simpler your jewelry should be and vice versa. Avoid pairing large statement necklaces with busy patterns—they’ll just get lost in the shuffle. Opt for a delicate necklace or put the focus on a favorite ring instead.

On the flip side, think of solid colored clothing as a blank canvas waiting for you to fill it with beautiful (wearable) art. A monochromatic top is the perfect opportunity to not only layer a few personalized jewelry pieces, but also to mix metals. Just picture how perfectly your rose gold/yellow gold/silver pendant combination will pop against a solid color background.

A white shirt as a blank canvas - Show off mixed metal shorty pendant necklace and ring stacks.

3. Ring in Levels and Mixed Metals

Stackable rings just might be the most fun jewelry to mix-and-match. These little jewels can add a big dose of personality to your look; though, admittedly, it can be tricky to get the balance just right. One way to do so is to play with the levels of where your rings sit: Wear knuckle rings and traditional rings on alternating fingers (think: a stack of traditional rings on your pointer finger next to a knuckle ring on your middle finger). If you want to wear both knuckle and traditional rings on one finger, find balance in the sizes of the individual rings and the stacks. For example, you can wear a three-ring stack on your pointer finger, a stand-out slice ring on your ring finger, and one simple traditional band and knuckle ring on your middle.

Rings are also a killer medium for mixing metals and textures. There’s just something so stunning about seeing the combination of a black-diamond-and-gold pavé band, a white-sapphire-and-silver version, and a super sleek stacking band all stacked together as one.

Rings in Levels and Mixed Metals. Stacks of silver, gold, white and black diamonds make the perfect ring stacking composition.

4. Consider Other Accessories

Think about what other accessories you’ll be wearing throughout the day. For example, a crossbody satchel may get in the way of layered necklaces—so if that’s your bag for today, focus your jewelry energy on rings instead. If you hook your sunglasses on your shirt, opt for a long necklace chain that hangs lower than them. And if your bag, hat, belt, or shoes is busy or bold, avoid competing statement pieces in favor of simpler jewelry.  


5. (Don’t) Keep it Casual

The juxtaposition of a glistening pavé ring and polished mixed-metal pendant necklace against a pair of ripped jeans and plain white tee is the epitome of effortless chic. So whether you’re heading out for some errands, a low-key brunch, or even casual Friday at the office, don’t be afraid to let your personality—and your favorite accessories—shine.

Keeping it casual but adding the bling! Rose gold and diamond necklace and gold and gemstone stacking bands on a simple grey tee.

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1. It's not a competition, let one piece of jewelry shine.
2. A blank canvas lets your jewelry stand out and make a statement.
3. Everyone loves a good ring stack. We show you how to stack them.
4. Don't let your other accessories get in the way of your bling.
5. Fine jewelry is perfect no matter what you're wearing.

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