Jewelry Lover’s Horoscope: Sagittarius

Curious and open-minded Sagittarius, this is your time to shine. As you celebrate your birthday between November 22 and December 21, get ready to embark on a new year with your trademark optimism and enthusiasm. Since you enjoy new experiences and embrace change, check out our top picks below for custom wellness, style, and give-back ideas to inspire and guide you this month and beyond.

A Hidden Message Necklace with a Sagittarius pendant charm

Try: A New Destination

Philosophizing about the future (something every Sagittarius loves to do) is best done on the road—so use your birthday month as an excuse to satisfy your wanderlust. Have a travel destination in mind? Even if you don’t leave tomorrow, book that trip now. Sites like Airbnb make it affordable, and if you can be flexible with departure dates, use Google Flights to nab the best possible airfare deals. Travel alone or in a small group—all you need is your extroverted personality and a personal commitment to see at least one new-to-you site.

A Heart pendant necklace featuring citrine, the November birthstone

Wear: Sagittarius Zodiac Pendant Necklace or a Citrine or Topaz Birthstone Necklace

Fun fact for all the Sags out there: Mathematics founder Beth Macri is also a November birthday girl. Her special birthday suggestion: Add a zodiac pendant necklace or Citrine or Topaz birthstone pendant necklace to your birthday wish list. The Sagittarius pendant epitomizes the energy, philosophy, and optimism of the person wearing it (plus  Mathematics offers pendants in two different lengths—original and shorty). And depending on where your birth date falls, choose either the Citrine or Topaz Pendant Necklace, featuring the official birthstone of all November and December babies, respectively. Citrine is known for its healing powers and ability to activate your imagination, while Topaz is valued for its strength and ability to protect the person wearing it. Drop hints to someone who loves you, or go ahead and treat yourself.

Give Back: #GivingTuesday

You don’t just embrace change, you believe in change, which is why Giving Tuesday—a global day for doing more for others—is your bread and butter. It’s a chance to take that extroverted personality of yours, choose a cause you care about, and shout it from the rooftops. This year, Giving Tuesday is on November 27, 2018. Do what you can: Make an out-of-pocket donation or host a fundraiser for your favorite charity. Something as simple as a bake sale can drum up quite a bit of cash as long as you promote it—and social media makes that easier. Hashtag with #GivingTuesday to amplify your efforts.

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