5 Thanksgiving Practices to Enhance Your Life

During this time of year, we’re encouraged to count our blessings and give thanks for serendipitous moments of joy. But let's be honest, the holiday season isn’t always a happy time for everyone. Thanksgiving can be hectic, overwhelming, and demanding. Between scheduling last-minute travel plans, picking out the perfect pie recipe, and coordinating with family and friends, it can be hard to find a moment to reflect on how grateful you truly are. These five daily gratitude practices will help keep you seeing the bigger picture—this Thanksgiving season and all year round.

Two friends sit together on a fall day

Gratitude Sharing

This is the perfect practice to get one or more family members involved—simply choose a time where you’ll all share aloud something that you’re thankful for. It can be in the car, on the phone, or right before dinner. It may be awkward to do at first, but start small. Give gratitude for the sunshine, a new skirt, or a visiting friend. Whatever you’re appreciating at the moment is worth mentioning. This practice is a wonderful way for you and your loved ones to become comfortable expressing gratitude aloud.

A girl stands near the water while a heart necklace is being held up

Gifting Gratitude

One of the best ways to promote gratitude is to offer it up to others—and perhaps with a personalized token that plainly states, “I love you.” Our tender HEART U pendant necklace is the perfect  gratitude-inspired gift to remind a loved one of your neverending appreciation. Choose a rose gold or mixed metal and don’t forget to add your loved one’s initials to fully personalize the look. Build on this look and more with our Custom Necklace Builder to create your pendant necklace just in time for the holidays.

Gratitude Jar

Think of this as a gratitude challenge. Starting now, each week, challenge yourself to write down one to two things you’re thankful for on a little note, and drop it in a jar. Then, on a memorable day or occasion such as Thanksgiving, empty the jar and read your warm notes of gratitude. Feel free to keep your grateful memos private, or share them with a friend. This jar is a really fun and easy way to keep up with the moments that mean the most throughout the year.

Gratitude Journal

Rewire your brain in just five minutes a day by simply jotting down the good things that happened in a journal. Some psychologists believe that an outlook of optimism and an intentional practice of appreciation can positively impact your overall mood, lessening your chances of developing conditions such as depression. Focus your attention on the positives and watch the light, love, and peace manifest in your life.

Thoughtful Meditation

Schedule some meditation time into your day, to internalize and reflect on the good. Buddhist monks begin each morning chanting meditation—even for just a few moments. The how-to is simple: Find a quiet, comfortable spot to sit, then allow your body to relax, breathe deep, and keep your heart energy light and easy. Think of how grateful you are and repeat a few meaningful words. Not sure where to start?  Here’s a short gratitude affirmation to get you going: “I offer my gratitude for the family, friends, and joy I’ve been given.”

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