Jewelry Lover’s Horoscope: Scorpio

Scorpio, this month is all about you. If your birthday falls between October 23 and November 21, you already know you possess an ambitious and balanced nature. Use your personality to motivate yourself to try new things as you embark on another year. We looked to the stars for custom recommendations for the perfect wellness, style, and charitable ideas to carry you through this month and beyond.

Try: Endurance Running

Focus and determination are two of your most innate personality traits, Scorpio. Lacing up and giving long-distance running a go will help you re-calibrate and kick off another memorable trip around the sun. Downloading a fitness app (like Nike+ Run Club) and set an intention: You will run 10 miles this month. (We know you will.) Or challenge yourself by signing up for an organized road race. With vibrant fall foliage spreading across much of the country this season, there’s no better incentive for getting outdoors.

A pink tourmaline Heart pendant necklace on a model

Wear: SCORPIO Zodiac Pendant Necklace or a Tourmaline Birthstone Necklace

Fun fact for all the Scorpios out there: Designer and Founder Beth Macri is also an November birthday girl. She’s the first to recommend her favorite essential birthday gifts. Create your own necklace with custom necklace pendants, including the SCORPIO pendant. Hidden Message pendants are available in two different lengths, and the SCORPIO pendant represents the internal strength (and determination, magnetism, and inventiveness) of the Scorpio wearing it. Or treat yourself to a custom birthstone necklace. The Tourmaline Birthstone HEART Pendant Necklace features deep pink tourmaline gemstones, the birthstone of all October babies. Known for its powerful healing and protective energy, the tourmaline stone creates balance and protection for the person wearing it. And the Citrine Birthstone HEART Pendant Necklace is the perfect signature necklace for November Scorpios. The sunny gemstone is closely associated with strong relationships.  

A girl breast cancer awareness ribbon pendant necklace

Give Back: Breast Cancer Awareness

Apply your strong will and focus to a worthy cause this month, like breast cancer awareness. Here’s a staggering statistic: Every two minutes, a woman in the U.S. is diagnosed with breast cancer. One of the best ways to help is to donate cash to the cause—we’re partial to the Breast Treatment Task Force, but there are plenty of worthy breast cancer awareness, research, and treatment organizations out there. There are other ways to help, too. Harness your ambitious nature and organize a fundraiser: It could be as simple as a bake sale, as involved as running a half marathon, or as fun as purchasing meaningful jewelry that supports a worthy cause. Alert your friends and family to support you and feel good knowing you’re helping such an important cause, at a time when the stars are aligned in your favor.


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