How to Create the Ultimate Best Friend Necklace

The relationships you have with your closest friends often make up the foundation of life. These are the people who show up to celebrate your life’s milestone events—and also to support you during life’s toughest moments. Capture the special bond you have with your favorite person (or people!) with these three personalized necklace ideas. Each design is a unique way to celebrate your love and appreciation for one other.

A woman shows off her letter 'M' pendant necklace

1. For the friend who accepts you just as you are: The Letter Pendant Necklace

This friend almost feels more like family, they know you so well. Show them that you’ve always got their back (just like they’ve always had yours) with matching necklaces featuring both of your initials. You could also create a pendant with each of your first initials and an AMPERSAND Pendant or keep it minimal with a single Letter Pendant Necklace featuring the first letter of your names (you could each wear the other’s first initial). Another simple option? The sophisticated AMPERSAND Symbol Pendant Necklace, to signify that you wouldn’t be complete without each other. It looks elegant worn alone or layered with other Beth Macri Single Charm Necklaces.

Sterling silver Zodiac Scorpio pendant necklace

2. For your trendy friend who’s always got great advice: The Zodiac Pendant Necklace

This friend knows themself so well that their confidence lights up a room—and always brightens your day. Get creative with their favorite metal: Like almost all Beth Macri designs, Zodiac Pendant Necklaces come in sterling silver, 14k rose gold, 14k yellow gold, and 14k white gold. Want something a little more eye-catching? Try a Birthstone Pendant Necklace. Get creative with wearing these personal designs: Wear each other’s zodiac signs or birthstones, or wear the symbol or gem that’s yours, knowing you both have nearly identical necklaces. It’s a beautiful way to carry this friend’s light with you wherever you go (and vice versa).

 Custom BFF geomstone necklaces being held up by two female friends

3. For your oldest friend and best secret keeper: A Personalized Hidden Message Necklace

No matter how long it’s been since you last spoke, when you reconnect it’s like you were never apart. You pick right up where you left off, laughing about shared experiences and new alike. Choose a design that symbolizes the history you share, a necklace you both can slip on effortlessly, every day. Having the same necklace is one more way for the two of you to feel connected, even when miles (or life) separates you. A Hidden Message Necklace is just like the inside jokes you share: It seems simple on the outside, yet has a deep personal meaning. Two great examples are the Love U Hidden Message Necklace, which features the HEART and “U” pendants, or the XO Hidden Message Necklace. Or build your own BFF necklace: One for you, one for your bestie.

To create the ultimate best friend necklace using the above designs or your own, start here.


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