This Gorgeous New Chain Makes Daily DIY Custom Necklace Changes Easy

Designer and Founder Beth Macri is a former structural engineer who worked on buildings and high-end architecture—so it makes sense that she’d apply the same logic to the very foundation of the jewelry brand she built. Her mantra? No matter what pendant you choose to include when you create your own customizable Hidden Message Necklace, the structure holding it all together must be sound. 

Sterling silver stringer chain for custom necklace

Enter the Stringer Chain 2 Series, a key part of our Hidden Message Necklaces. Designed to be compatible with every pendant charm (yes, all 63 of them) in the Hidden Message collection, this particular chain threads seamlessly through a discreet oval-shaped hole in each charm thanks to a special component—called the Stringer—at one end. It’s a slightly elongated rectangular shape (inspired by a bridge truss) that fits smoothly inside each pendant charm when positioned in a specific way. This smart and thoughtful design makes it possible to add and remove pendants at any time, without the need of a jeweler’s tools or trip to your jeweler.


The Stringer Chain has a fun backstory: Beth so named this chain because it makes it easy to string pendants, but also because it’s a structural engineering term used to describe a secondary support, much like the way the mighty Stringer Chain 2 series supports and draws attention to the customized arrangement of pendant charms.

Custom Hidden Message Necklaces - Start with a heart and add on to the chain for each significant milestone or holiday

We love that the Stringer Chain 2 series lets you be your own designer from day to day, life transition to milestone moment. On a whim, you can simply place the Stringer component into your pendant of choice and slide the chain through the charm. Personalization is instantaneous and limited only by your imagination.


The Stringer Chain 2 series, like every piece of jewelry in the Hidden Message collection, is based on a simple guiding principle that hearkens back to Beth’s roots: Design and aesthetic is just as important as the structural integrity of each piece. This functional design accomplishes both.

Ready to make your own? Get started with the Custom Necklace Builder.

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