Men's Gift Ideas: How to Create a Necklace He'll Love

Creating a custom necklace for a man might seem like an intimidating task at first—but it doesn’t have to be. Beth Macri has a wide variety of attractive and sophisticated guy-friendly jewelry to choose from, making it easy to select (or design!) a thoughtful gift that reflects his personality, style, and interests. Because our pendant designs are architectural, with even the most sentimental messages hidden from view, they’re perfectly suited to men’s jewelry tastes. Start with the message you’d like to give him, then, follow our expert advice to build the perfect custom necklace that will remind him how you feel about him every time he puts it on.

A custom necklace with initials and a heart

For The Love of Your Life

You love him more than anything, and now he can carry that adoration around with him  every day. Our XO Hidden Message Necklace, HEART Pendant, and AMPERSAND Pendant are all classic optionsand for more symbolism, you can always bookend those individual pendants with a LETTER Pendant that represents each of your initials. Not subtle enough? Coded message it is: The 143 (I Love You) Hidden Message Necklace, counts the number of letters of each word in the phrase “I love you.” It may be cryptic to others, but he’ll know what you mean.

 A sterling silver letter 'I' pendant necklace on a man

For Your Rock

No matter what you’re dealing with, he’s always there for you. Show him how much you value that loyalty with the MY ANCHOR or I-BEAM (representing strength and longevity) pendants. If his style is more snazzy than subdued, choose the COMMITMENT Hidden Message Necklace, which features black spinel pavé along the AMPERSAND pendant design. Whichever look you choose, you’ll make it clear that you’re always happy to be his rock, too.  

 Mathematical symbol necklace in silver and gold

For the Smartest Man You Know

The ADD, MULTIPLY, and EQUAL Pendants are all appropriate symbols for your beloved math nerd (we’re proud math nerds ourselves!)—or combine them all together in our Beth Macri Hidden Necklace. These modern, sleek I-Beam pendants represent precision and change, and the solid, high-polished materials have a pleasingly masculine look.

 A man putting on a sterling silver necklace

For Your Favorite Advocate

He’s a passionate supporter of many important issues and communities, and you truly admire his dedication. Honor that allegiance with the AWARENESS Hidden Message Necklace, which features a “yellow” ribbon that symbolizes commitment to a cause. If he’s a member of the LGBT community, the PRIDE or Rainbow HEART Hidden Message Necklace make meaningful gifts that celebrate his identity.

 A man wearing a sterling silver Anchor and Skull necklace

For the Tough Guy

The edgy ANCHOR SKULL Necklace, which combines the stability of the ANCHOR with the edginess of the SKULL—often donned by rock stars, A-listers, and other fashion insiders—is a favorite for men. Depending on your guy’s style, this combination can look edgy, refined, or fierce (or all three!). If he’s more about inner toughness than outer, use the LETTER Pendants to spell out a one-word mantra that inspires him, like “DEFY” or “COURAGE.”

Still want more jewelry gift ideas for men? Design something completely unique with our Custom Necklace Builder!


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