5 Bridesmaid Gifts They'll Treasure For Years to Come

From helping stuff invitations to planning your shower, your ride-or-die bridesmaids have been with you every step of the way as you plan your wedding. Now it’s time to show your appreciation—and show just how much you treasure your relationship with each of them. Unique personalized jewelry makes a meaningful bridesmaid gift, by playing to each bridesmaid’s individual sense of style. Our Hidden Message Necklaces are fully customizable and allow wearers to carry their closest memories with them every day, so your squad will always be reminded of the fun you had together during this special time. Here's how to personalize each necklace, making it a sentimental gift that suits your ’maid’s personality type. She’ll love it today, and love adding to it in the future, as your memories with each other build and grow. (Good thing we make it so easy to add more charms!)  

A girl wears a sterling silver Heart pendant necklace

For Your Classic-Chic Best Friend

Your adoration for each other runs deep—and perhaps the best way to express that is with the elegant HEART pendant. It’s simple, it’s sweet, and it goes straight to the soul of your relationship. You can also use our Initial Pendants to add both of your initials, or a word that references an inside joke only the two of you understand. And of course, you can always go old school and spell out ‘BFF,’ like one of those best friend necklaces from your childhood.

 A sterling silver Diamond shaped Hidden Message Necklace

For Your Edgy and Cool College Roommate

When it comes to fashion, she’s always pushed the boundaries. Emphasize her rebellious, daring nature with a SKULL Pendant, a classic in its own right. Or make her feel like a true gem by placing the brilliantly bold DIAMOND PENDANT at the center of her custom necklace. To create a more sentimental gift, you can always add her initials or zodiac sign, too.

 A sterling silver Peace Sign pendant necklace

For Your Boho Beautiful Sister-in-Law

Our minimalist OM and PEACE pendants will help her find her zen even in the most hectic of moments. Try just one—or use them both to bookend a one-word mantra that’ll inspire her. (‘SOAR,’ ‘BREATHE,’ or ‘DREAM’ are all tried-and-true options.)

Bride and bridesmaids wearing sterling silver necklaces

For Your Optimistically Superstitious Pal

She always knocks on wood and she’d never dream of opening an umbrella indoors—just in case. Indulge her playful, luck-seeking nature with our HORSESHOE or CLOVER pendants. Paired with her initials, each option makes for a cute, whimsical design. Bonus: You just might be setting her up for a lifetime of great karma, too.

 A sterling silver pendant necklace that reads 'My anchor' with an anchor charm

For Your Devoted Brother

He’s been your rock from Day One, through thick and thin—so it’s only right that your brother will stand up with you on your special day. Thank him for his unwavering support with our I-BEAM Necklace, which represents strength and longevity—and can be customized to fit his personality, whether you add initials or a meaningful date or word, too. Or spell out exactly how you feel about him with the MY ANCHOR necklace, which makes a sleek and thoughtful gift.

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