The Holiday Gift Guide for All the Amazing Women You Know

So you’ve got your mom and sister covered for the holidays. What about your work wife? Or your close friend? We’re surrounded by many amazing women outside our immediate family—women who inspire us and support us in different parts of our life. This gift guide is for them. We know you want to give them more than just a token gift for the holidays: You want something meaningful and personalized. Our easy-to-customize Hidden Message Necklace and Slice Rings offer endless options, from minimal to glam, that she’ll want to wear on repeat. They’re easy to match with each woman’s personality and style—all it takes is a few minutes and a bit of inspiration.

A necklace that says 'MY love' with a Heart pendant being worn by a woman.

For your bestie

She loves you just as you are, laughs at your corniest jokes, and can always make you smile. Give her a meaningful gift like the HEART Symbol Pendant Necklace. It’s a minimal necklace she can wear every day, and it’s part of our Hidden Message collection, which means the heart is only apparent to the person wearing it. If you’ve been a dynamic duo for practically ever and want to get her something super special this year, go for the MY HEART Necklace. Get creative by mixing metals (rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or sterling silver). Still looking for inspiration? We’ve created a guide to creating a best friends necklace that will point you in the right direction.

A 'GMA' pendant necklace for grandma in sterling and yellow gold.

For your grandmother

Your grandma has lived a lifetime and her experience makes her an incredible source of advice. Celebrate her unique place in your life with the GMA (Grandma) Pendant Necklace. If you’re especially close to your grandmother (and she appreciates a little bling), the Ampersand Necklace in black spinel pavé is another lovely option. The ampersand symbolizes your bond—and the fact that your grandma is a connector, bringing together generations of your family. Both styles come in longer and shorter chains and are easy to customize.

 A sterling silver 'XO' pendant necklace being worn by a girl.

For your friend who’s a new mom

What a precious experience, to see your dear friend become a first-time mom and fall in love with her little one. Remind her she’s doing a great job with a sweet MAMA Necklace. Choose from different metals and pendant lengths, from 18” (closer to her collarbone) to 36” (near her stomach). Another pretty, effortless style she can wear every day: the XO Necklace. It’ll look great whether she’s at home with the baby, running errands, or headed to work.

A girl wears a stack of rings with Heart and Anchor charms

For your favorite coworker

She knows just what to say when your boss gives you tough feedback, and always brings you a slice of cake from the kitchen. You talk about work and life and everything in between; yours is a friendship that goes beyond the office. She brightens your days, so give her something shiny, like the ANCHOR Ring in sterling silver with white sapphire pavé. Or choose a Hidden Message Zodiac Pendant Necklace that looks simple and chic on the outside, but features a secret symbol to match her sign.

A Heart ring in 14k rose gold

For your mother-in-law

One of the most amazing things about your mother-in-law? She gave life to your favorite person. Make her feel special with a cool stackable Slice Ring that complements her personality. If she’s bold and charismatic, try the STAR Ring in 14k yellow gold. If she’s the ultimate hostess and comfort-giver, she’ll love the HEART Ring in 14k rose gold. And if she’s got an eye for glam, try the yellow gold DIAMOND Ring with white diamonds pavé. And maybe next year, gift her another: All of our rings look pretty worn alone or stacked.


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