Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day Jewelry Ideas

Love. Le sigh. No matter what form love comes in, it’s fun to let yourself get swept away. Still, if you’re romantically involved when Valentine’s Day rolls around, the stage your relationship is in tends to dictate the type of gift you give — and that can provoke more than a little gift-giving angst. The good news? Jewelry, especially something like a custom necklace, is always a hit.


Of course, you’ll want to choose a piece that feels right based on how long you’ve been courting your fling/boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse. To make it the absolute easiest for you, we did the leg work and rounded up the best Valentine’s Day gift picks to suit the length of your romance and every single phase of your love. Now all you have to do is pick one, and rest assured knowing the gift you’re about to give your main squeeze is not only thoughtful but has meaning behind it, too.

 A sterling silver XO necklace

Less Than a Year: The XO Necklace

For the couple who still hasn’t gotten around to attaching a “love label” to their relationship, the XO Hidden Message Necklace is the perfect fit. What it communicates: Hugs and kisses to keep with you, always. (It also subtly drops peace of mind and assurance: “Don’t worry, it’s OK that we haven’t figured out what this is quite yet.”) The gesture is sweet, and the sleek and structural design is unique — reflecting serious thought and attention. Available in matte finished sterling silver, the chain comes in a variety of lengths (18, 24, and 36 inches), so you can adjust it to match exactly where you want the pendant necklace to fall.


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 A woman stands while a necklace is held up in front of her

1+ Years: The HEART U Necklace

Congratulations, you’re past the “I love you” stage of the relationship—kind of a big deal. But you’re still getting to know each other and don’t want to come on too strong. That’s where the HEART U Hidden Message Necklace comes in. The statement is clear: You are in love. At the same time, the necklace is delicate and relaxed about it all, marking your relationship status with a matte-finished 14k rose gold heart. (Points for discretion.) What’s extra special about this pendant necklace is the juxtaposition of the heart in rose gold next to the “U”  in sterling silver. But if you want to play around with the color palette and adjust the metals involved, there’s always the option to create your own necklace using the same symbols laid out here.


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Serious Courtship/Marriage: The MY HEART or MRS Necklaces

Maybe you’re married. Maybe you’ve just been together for a looooong time. (Think a Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell kind of love.) At this stage, labeling each other as “mine” doesn’t make you think twice. You’re committed and your relationship is rock solid and strong. Enter the MY HEART Hidden Message Necklace, a subtle—yet super meaningful—way to profess your love. It’s intimate and it’s stylish. It also features the same 14k rose gold heart as the HEART U custom necklace, plus a couple of sterling silver pendant letters. So luxe. It’s the perfect gift for a long-term romance. (Unless of course you’re in the market for something with a different connotation…like a stackable Slice Ring set.) Want to celebrate the wifey-status? The sterling silver MRS Hidden Message Necklace is the perfect meaningful gift this Valentine's Day.


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