Jewelry Lover’s Horoscope: Aquarius

Hello, birthday month—at least for all of you Aquarians out there. If your birthday falls between January 20 and February 18, cheers! This is your time of year to celebrate and shine. Your stand-out traits? Of course, you’re known for your sense of humor, intelligence and friendliness, but you’re also a true humanitarian who prides yourself on your deep thinking and originality. Unsure about how to spend your birthday month? We did the research for you and cherry-picked the ultimate wellness, style, and charitable ideas to inspire and guide you all month long.


Try: Starting an Articles Club

It’s a personal challenge that’s right up your alley, and it checks off so many boxes that matter to you: friendship, joy, self-care, intellectual stimulation, and awareness of the world around you. Making time for longform reading can feel like the ultimate guilty pleasure — and it often gets back-burnered when you’re strapped for time. Starting an articles club makes sense since it’s less of a time commitment than a book club, but still invites interactions with a different social circle. (Hey, you’re all about making new friends.) All you have to do is grab a colleague, ask that colleague to invite a friend, and so on. Take turns picking out articles you’ve been meaning to read, then meet in a conference room or after work to discuss. You’ll relish in crossing something off your to-do list, while also expanding your mind, deepening your knowledge of a topic that matters, and having a scintillating conversation with new people. Best birthday ever!


Birthstone Heart pendant necklaces


Wear: Aquarius Zodiac Pendant Necklace or Amethyst Birthstone Necklace

True story: It’s OK to buy yourself a birthday gift. (Remember that whole #treatyoself movement?) Horoscope-themed jewelry, like our AQUARIUS Zodiac Pendant Necklace, is a treat for yourself and has a lot of meaning behind it. The Aquarius star sign is subtle and sleek, not to mention that it’s a reminder of everything you’re trying to achieve as you kick off the new year in style. You can also design your own meaningful jewelry by adding an Aquarius symbol to a Hidden Message Necklace. The pendant looks stunning as a stand-alone on a beautiful chain (available in different lengths). An alternative? Gift yourself a birthstone necklace featuring Amethyst. Your birthstone’s signature purple hue is gorgeous and totally classic, so you’ll wear it for decades to come. Amethyst is also known to stimulate the intellect—talk about jewelry that’s tailor-made for you.

Give: Go Red for Women

As an Aquarian, you’re a humanitarian through and through. That’s why Go Red for Women is the ultimate power cause for you to get involved with this month. What is it? In 2003, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute introduced the red dress as a national symbol for women and heart disease awareness. (In 2004, the American Heart Association released a staggering stat: Every year, cardiovascular disease claimed the lives of nearly 500,000 women.) Go Red for Women is an annual month-long drive to fundraise for additional research that helps save lives. This month, host an event where your friends all chip in for the cause— and wear red. You could also plan a fundraiser like a community run, or simply log in online to donate. Even a small contribution—say, $40—can go a long way to helping save lives.

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